New Generation Compensation Solutions

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Varmatik has an ultra-compact design that allows it to be easily installed and replaced. The wall and rack-mounted design, which takes up minimal space, makes it flexible to integrate into the system. With its high density, 1 100kvar varmatic can be placed in a single cabinet, saving more than 70% space compared to standard passive filter compensations.

  • 33kvar or 100kvar modules for a single cabinet.
  • Energy loss is reduced.
  • Energy loss is reduced.
  • The lifespan of the devices used increases. We can easily calculate energy losses and excess capacity.
  • Research has shown that when the energy quality is low, the lifespan of electrical materials decreases.


  • Saving on labor costs thanks to easy installation.
  • Savings on maintenance costs.
  • The biggest difference between it and standard compensations is that it can meet the inductive or capacitive needs of the system at the same time. It prevents facilities from entering into inductive or capacitive penalization. Many dangers such as overheating, fire risk, capacitor explosion, contactor contact sticking in old generation compensation systems are eliminated.
  • Space saving.
  • It can meet the inductive or capacitive powers required by the system with the new generation SVG module system, without the need for compensation products such as contactors, capacitors, harmonic filters, inductive drivers and shunt reactors.


Multifunction: Reactive power and imbalance compensation Excellent reactive compensation: High speed, Precision (-0.99≤Cosφ≤0.99), Stepless, Bidirectional (capacitive and inductive) compensation. Excellent unbalance correction: Both negative and zero sequence reduce neutral current.
Wide input voltage and frequency range adapts to harsh electrical environments.
Low thermal loss (≤3% of rated SVG capacity), efficiency ≥ 97%. High stability: Infinite impedance to the grid prevents harmonic resonance problem.
Flexible application: Modular design embedded in standard or customized cabinet.
Easy installation and maintenance: Easy installation for APF module replacement and expansion.
Wide capacity range: 33kvar or 100kvar modules for a single cabinet. Environmental compatibility: -10~50°C temperature, compatible with diesel generators.

Fast Reaction

The SVG var matic series produces extremely fast reactive power when turned on to achieve the target PF.

High performance

Reactive power com compensation up to cos = 0.99. Load balancing between markets is purely inductive and capacitive current.

Perfect Compensation

SVG Varmatik Series identifies the reactive power requirement of the system and produces a reactive current of the same magnitude but opposite phase to ensure the perfect compensation result.

It can respond to load changes in less than 15 ms.

Accurate power factor correction stably adjusts the output current capacity without excess pump compensation or under compensation.

Real Time Monitoring

If the system reactive current changes, the SVG Varmatik Series can also generate dynamic real-time compensation current to meet the changing power requirement.

Modular design

The SVG var matic series is based on a unit mounting system.

The maximum rated capacity of a single model is 100 kvar.

Customizable cabin and cabin maximum output output capacity is 1000 kVA. It is easily operated, maintained and transported.

Inverted and Overlapping

The reverse waveform of the reactive current generated by the SVG Varmatik series coincides with the power system reactive current.

Different combinations SVG Varmatik Series Sega varmatic series with capacitor bank SVG Varmatik Series with AHF (reactive power and harmonic compensation)


The external CT detects the load current, monitors the DSP instruction current and calculates the reactive power change rate through the instantaneous reactive power algorithm. Then DSP sends PWM signal to IGBT driver board, which can turn on and off IGBT to generate inductive or capacitive compensation current, at the same time detect CT output current, and compensation result is sent back to DSP, then next logic control to realize stable power grid type is performed.

Mathematical Model

Flow diagram

Varmatic SVG

Advantages: Superior performance (PFC 0.99&-1-1 Compensation) Varmatic adopts Inverter-based technology, an active solution for power factor correction, which can realize stepless compensation of an extreme undershoot. With both inductive reactive power and capacitive reactive power, PFC operation is performed within 15 MS and always maintains PF 0.99 regardless of how much or how fast the reactive power of the system changes.

Increasing Your Power Factor to 0.999

Varmatic Var generator (SVG) capable of quickly and continuously compensating both inductive and capacitive reactive power and correcting load imbalance. With sufficient capacity, SVG provides excellent fundamental factor improvement performance. Base power factor (Cos) > 0.999 (increases PF in both leading and lagging)

High reliability (long lifetime and normal operation in 15% THDV environment) Varmatik (mean time between failures) can work for more than 15 years with metal film capacitors Moreover, Varmatik can compensate the leading and lagging power factor and high THDI, THDU system It has a tolerance of .